Sports Massage in and around Newcastle

LD Active Massage is a fully mobile sports massage service, operating in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.   I provide a professional service suitable for everybody, not just those who do sports!
The treatments I offer will be adapted to meet your individual needs.  So whether it be relief from everyday problems such as sitting at a desk working or carrying out repetitive tasks, through to sport specific issues, be it recovering from an injury or preparing for a marathon my massage treatments will be adapted to suit you!

Benefits of sports massage

  • Relieves muscle tension and soreness
  • Prevents injuries
  • Increases muscle flexibility and range of movement
  • Re-energises and strengthens your body’s own healing and immune system
  • Speeds up recovery and improves performance
  • Shortens recovery time between workouts
  • Provides healthy stress relief, relaxing both the body and mind 

Who is suitable?

Anyone who takes part in any kind of activity for leisure, pleasure or sport.